Etta Bond lets us read her diary and tells us why Amy and Erykah are her favourite icons

Too cool for school, Etta Bond reveals everything – from keeping a diary to keeping inspired

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Soulful songstress Etta Bond is known for her straight-talking attitude and fresh British sound. At 26 years old this painfully cool powerhouse has worked with the likes of Skepta, Plan B, and Wretch 32 gaining praise from both the public and press alike in the process. From the earlier collaborations with Lady Leshurr on ‘Boring Bitches‘ and her EP with Raf Riley ‘ExR’ to the release of her 2015 hit ‘Seen and Never Heard‘, Bond has proved herself to be an incredibly creative and incredibly talented young artist.

Etta started 2016 taking over Reprezent Radio on a month long residency. She even added her email to her social media page to encourage us ordinary folk to get in touch and send her songs as part of her ‘Send Etta beats’ project. However, her radio prowess doesn’t stop there. Etta was named Julie Adenuga’s UK Represent Artist of the Week on Apple’s, Beats 1 radio station – (not too shabby). How does she manage to stay inspired with such a hectic schedule? In a NOTION mood board exclusive, we found out what keeps Bond ploughing on.

My Diary

“I started keeping a diary from about the age of 7. It’s helped me to understand and be honest with myself, I must have hundreds of books. I rarely write in structure, it’s like keeping note of all the conversations you have with yourself. I encourage anyone and everyone to write down how they feel.”

Amy Winehouse

“Amy Winehouse. Very few albums have touched me the way that Frank has. So much honesty, fearlessly painful. Amy didn’t write or say things she didn’t mean, I connect with that. Singing along to this album cleanses my soul. RIP you beautiful woman.”

Erykah Badu

“Erykah Badu is a big inspiration of mine. She embodies art. I love how she describes creativity and her own creative process in this interview. I couldn’t put it better myself. I love listening to her speak.”


“I love visiting new places, being a stranger in a small town, a fresh face in a big city – just experiencing other ways of living. I love to explore. The freer I feel the more inspired I become. London can start to feel like a trap. I love getting out of the London bubble and all of its expectations.”


“Although London can feel like a trap sometimes, it has given me a place to grow – so many experiences, countless lessons and wonderful friends. Thanks to this city, I sure have some stories to tell.”


“Love. Love is my greatest inspiration. I write most honestly when I’m falling in or out of love. Love is the realist thing. Love isn’t something I can fake or confuse with something else. I know love when I feel it. I miss love while watching this video. I hope to feel it again one day.”


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