Mystery trio The Trp enlist Jasmine for some synthetic seduction on U Bit

With a sound that's half PC Music and half experimental RnB mysterious UK/ New York trio The Trp are set to flip the game on its head.

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The UK is a hotbed of RnB talent at the moment. From every corner of the country new voices are emerging, each more captivating than the last, nudging the genre forward as they go. Most of the artists behind this new wave of RnBrit (as it’s inevitably about to be dubbed), Raye, Jorja Smith, Nao et al. are already becoming household names and faces, but not so UK/ New York trio The Trp. Having dropped their debut EP back in 2014 the group have managed to maintain anonymity and independence through a string of buzzy releases.

2017 sees the group return in full form, with a string of singles and a new EP in the works. Having already come through with ‘Lavender’ and ‘Before You Know It’ earlier this year, the group have now dropped new single ‘u bit’ with Chicago’s Jasmine. Premiering on Notion, ‘u bit’ is a glitchy, PC-tinged cut that brings a little more sultriness to The Trp’s brand of digital love songs. Synths weave in and out around Jasmine’s ever so slightly warped vocal, soaring and diving flamboyantly and programmed drums clatter and The Trp’s male vocal joins the mix. Listen below.

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