New truths emerge in XamVolo’s frantic new short film Dark Teeth

XamVolo shares Dark Teeth the latest part of his surreal short film, A Damn Fine Spectacle.

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dark teeth

With every instalment, XamVolo’s short film A Damn Fine Spectacle gets a little more bizarre. Having succumbed to the high life in the video for ‘Adored’, the film’s protagonist finds herself in a new predicament in the latest clip ‘Dark Teeth’. Both the song and the video are faster-paced, with lots of cutaways and flashes of surreal imagery within the club as Xam gets into the swing of things on stage. Multiple perspectives emerge throughout the clip, only serving to muddle the film’s mystery further. Who is the new man our protagonist has found? Is he good or bad? And seriously, what’s with the black honey? We don’t know just yet but the fil’ms final instalment later this week should reveal the truth. Watch the clip for ‘Dark Teeth’ below.

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