Newcomer Maya B crafts dark serenity on River

Maya B dreams up an ethereal, Solange worthy daydream of a track on her new single River.

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Maya B was born and raised in Los Angeles, a city that’s no stranger to musical innovation. Only one song into her career she’s already pricked the ears of DJ Khaled, Zane Lowe and the bods at Spotify with her hazy, minimalistic and evocative take on RnB. Her debut track ‘Kiss On My Neck’, a hyperactive, energetically produced single, clocked up well over three hundred thousand streams within the first month and a half of its release.

Her second single, ‘The River’, which premieres today on Notion, sounds like the perfect fusion of both Knowles sisters; sparsely structured and gracefully experimental like the best of Solange tracks it but benefiting from the assured tone of Beyoncé. Opening with a haunting piano riff that sounds like each key is floating into the ether after it’s been played, the track builds to a serene, if darkly tinged peak, layers of vocal and piano washing over one another, hinting at a melody that refuses to fully reveal itself before the track fades from existence. It’s a highly impressive feat from the nineteen-year-old artist whom we can hardly believe is only three months into her career. Listen to ‘The River’ below.

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