Listen to Sasha Sloan’s bittersweet heart mend track Fall

'Fall' is one of two tracks released today.

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LA-based singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan releases two new singles today, ‘Normal’ and ‘Fall’. Leading the double release from the Odesza and King Henry collaborator is ‘Normal’, an ambient electronic cut that glows warmly like the LA sun. Though uplifting in melody, listen harder to hear its lyrics paint a different picture, and demonstrates better what Sasha Sloan (or @sadgirlsloan as she models herself) is all about – bubbling electronic arrangements and poetic narratives about human difficulties. As a single we predict a similar success to her previous tracks, including ‘Runaway’, which has surpassed 5 million streams on Spotify alone. However, it’s the latter release that’s the one that really shines.

Delicate, melancholy and moving, it anxiously rises, like the nervous swell in your chest when you bump into an ex for the first time. Again, Sloan shows off her impressive lyric writing ability, as she expresses a desire to repair a broken relationship and finally tend to an open wound:  ‘I’m ready to call you up / I’m ready to talk again.’ More interesting than the ‘I want you back’ narrative, it’s a track that displays a tenderness and depth, internal struggle and relatable analogies (‘Do you still listen to Nirvana? / I play the record all the time’) which prompt immediate likability. What’s more, ‘Fall’ feels like the bittersweet second part to her previous single ‘Ready Yet‘, a narrative that goes full circle.

Take a listen to the two new tracks below.

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