Next Up: S4U are redefining hip hop, one warped track at a time

S4U are the London-based collective bringing next level vibes to hip hop's table.

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Riding the wave of 90s nostalgia are girl collective S4U. With their smooth R&B vocals and painfully cool hip hop styling, Something 4 U otherwise known as Rosita Bonita and Prinz George are the London-based collective bringing next level vibes to the table. Swapping their eight hours of sleep for hardcore creating, S4U have been channelling the ghost of hip hop past to create their unique sound. “That’s just one element of our music,” Prinz claims about their hip hop influences, “but it stems mainly from growing up around it and a reaction to the genre not really been made anymore, but we also make techno for cats in Berlin”.

There’s something very raw and creative about the duo who are bringing back some old-school mystery to the hip hop genre. “We’re the embodiment of calling it as you see it. I don’t hate on mainstream culture; it is what it is, and it does what it does – it’s a trickle-down effect that helps to support more underground endeavours,” said Prinz. “I realise our art has confused people especially regarding the makeup of the group. Was it intentional? Not sure.” For S4U a career in music wasn’t an option – it was the only option. “It’s one of those inescapable eventualities when you realise everything else you feel you’re okay, and even good, at just bores you to death,” Prinz says. “You always come crawling back.”

According to S4U, the two things you need to listen to are your desires and your mates (good advice). Amidst the uncertainty of our future on this planet, the list of things giving the girls hope includes small acts of kindness and the celebration of real heroines, combined with musical offerings from Migos and Slayer. Describing the current generation as both “1000mph” by Rosita and having “all the gear and no idea” by Prinz, S4U have some harsh words to say about the role of pop music in 2017. “It’s full of shit heads making adverts and keeping up appearances,” says Rosita. “There are loads [of things] we’d like to change about the industry, but we have to play the game – although we do have every cheating hack code you wanna try!”

This article originally appeared in Notion 75.

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