Next Up: XamVolo is the UK’s answer to Anderson .Paak

XamVolo blends indie rock, R&B and jazz into a truly modern sonic style.

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Sounds that effortlessly explore genre – this is the type of music created by XamVolo (real name Sam Folorunsho), a neo-soul singer who blends indie rock, R&B and jazz into a truly modern sonic style. Influenced by the likes of Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, Xam produces his own instrumentals allowing him complete originality as the commander of each track. Describing his music as “in the shade somewhere on the Southbank pier in London,” hinting at the general vibe of his music, he summarises it best as a “messy mind over raw, dark jazz grooves.” Perfect listening for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Having moved to Liverpool to study, a city renowned for its live music scene, at first Volo wondered if his moodier sound would fit in. “I was initially concerned they wouldn’t like the vibe I had to offer, as the tone is mostly soul, indie and rock, but the city has taken to it better than I could’ve hoped for,” he says.

Having enrolled at the LIMF Academy, a development programme ran by Liverpool International Music Festival, he caught the eye of the festival’s curator who then became his manager. In light of his distinctiveness, he has caught the attention of the BBC and is set to play Glastonbury, LIMF, Citadel and Festival No.6 this season where he will bring his unique sounds to live audiences. Asked what the newcomer is excited about in music and true to the nature of his music, he says he respects the advancement of music technologies allowing artists like himself to experiment. “I’m a fan of a whole lot of music technology that’s coming out” he explains. “I have no idea how these people make the stuff, but I’m glad they do.”

Last year saw him release his Chirality EP which included songs such as ‘Down’, ‘Runner’s High’ and ‘Gold Leaf’ oozing the laid-back vibe you want playing on a lazy weekend. With an album in development through Universal Music and festival season on the horizon, XamVolo is a name you’re going to be hearing again and again.

This article first appeared in Notion 76.

XanVolo wears Sunglasses Rayban, leather jacket ACNE, black t-shirt Blood Brother

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