The night takes a dark twist in the video for Santino Le Saint’s howling 4AM

Follow an unsettling night in the life of newcomer Santino Le Saint in the video for 4AM.

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Santino Le Saint

The best RnB singers play their own guitar. From Prince to D’Angelo to Miguel, if there’s one thing better than a heartthrob, it’s one with an axe. Now Santino Le Saint is throwing his lot in with the greats. Crafting strange, off centre RnB full of howling guitar and broken trap beats, he’s making a name as a natural successor to the kind of brooding, dark-edged version of the genre popularised by The Weeknd.

In the new video for ‘4AM’ Santino explores the wonders of the night, flitting between parties and pubs, soaking up the small hours of the morning. However, things aren’t as they seem and as the video progresses it takes a turn for the unsettling, Santino’s every move watched by some unknown figure. It all culminates in a warped party scene, figures warping and flickering as he lays down a blistering solo to finish things off. It’s a staggering introduction to one of London’s most intriguing new RnB acts. Watch it below.

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