Music, poetry, and public art: get to know Nite Jewel

What made Nite Jewel the captivating artist she is today? We found out in her exclusive Mood Board.

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Nite Jewel, AKA Ramona Gonzalez, is commonly known for her soothing melodies and experimental visual art and sound installations. Hailing from California, the electro-pop singer has been making records since ’09, using her time since as a musical journey to progress and discover more elements of herself. Eight years on, and Gonzalez has just released her fourth studio album, Real High. The album channels ’90s R&B vibes, but just where exactly did Nite Jewel get her inspiration from through her musical journey? We found out as the singer broke down her top inspirations throughout the years in her exclusive Mood Board.

Janet Jackson

“A few people have been comparing my vocal style to JJ, which is such a huge compliment. When I was growing up, I very much identified with her demeanour that came through so pointedly on her vocals. She blended masculine and feminine assertiveness and coyness. I’m obsessed with her style and singing and everything about her, in particular, this performance.”


“I love the neon beauty of the grotesque in this film, plus the soundtrack is a classic.”


“In college I studied philosophy, in particular in the German existentialist vein. I always felt these philosophers were poets, explicated by the fact that they were quite indebted to the poets of the time. Rilke’s poetry bridged the gap for me between the sheer sonic beauty of language and the conceptual framework of existentialism. I was heavily influenced by him and his approach to poetics.”

Ariel Pink

“I heard this song while I was still living in Oakland, California in ’05 or ’06. I was so fascinated by Ariel’s weird world of ideas and sound, I just wanted to be a part of it. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after. At the time I just felt that the best art was coming from there, and I was right haha.”


“I felt so kindred to Winona Ryder in this film, plus I love the style.”

The Samps

“Let it be known this group is made up of my husband and two closest friends so I may be biased, but The Samps remain my favourite electronic producers of late, hands down. No one has matched their capacity for obscure samples, melodic and harmonic sophistication, and rhythmic prowess. Also, the music is so funny. A+.”

Los Angeles Smog

“For every beautiful day in L.A. there are about 10 hazy ones. This juxtaposition of ugly and beautiful has greatly influenced my art.”

Walter Demaria

“I wrote notes throughout my journals about The Lightning Field when I was studying philosophy of art in college. I was quite interested in works of art that managed to use nature without exploitation. I had the great fortune of meeting Walter through his nephew who is a close friend of mine. I remember sitting with him and he said: “you have to go see The Lightning Field in person, it’s very important.” I thought, if Walter is telling me this, I need to go NOW. So I went the following month. and it remains my favourite work of art.”

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