Not3s is on an unstoppable journey to the top

2018 is shaping up very well for Not3s, with two charting singles and a handful of high profile features his rise to the top looks all but confirmed. We catch up with the Hackney-born star in a new video and photoshoot.

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Not3s’ rise has been unstoppable. Since we featured him on the cover of Notion 78 at the end of last year his star has grown brighter and brighter, thanks to two back to back hits with another Notion favourite, Mabel. First up was her remix of ‘My Lover’ that saw Not3s’ already chart-bothering tune explode in popularity only to be followed up by their joint single ‘Fine Line’, which as I write is at the top of the official trending chart. Things don’t show any sign of slowing as the summer approaches either, with the young Hackney star also appearing on tracks by Sneakbo, Knucks and NSG.

In our new video, he fills us in on how things have changed over the last twelve months, fresh off the back of his first headline tour of the UK. We find him on the set of a never before seen photoshoot for Notion, rocking designer gear and having fun in front of the camera. Narrating the video he explains how his ambitions have grown since he’s started to find success and why he’s on a never-ending mission to “keep growing, keeping climbing”.

Having kickstarted his musical career at a talent competition when he was in his early teens and found fame with a single many dismissed as a one-off hit, he’s on the verge of becoming a household name before turns twenty. His debut EP Take Not3s features the likes of Mo.Stack, Tinie Tempah and Shaka, and there’s not a single music video of his with less than a million views. It’s increasingly clear that Not3s is here to stay.

Yet despite his sudden success, he’s staying humble. In his cover story for Notion, he details how he sees music as a vital form of self-expression but also a means of lifting up himself, his family and his community. Speaking to Notion for Notion 78 he explained “[Success] will just allow me to change more people’s lives; you have your first family, your second family, it keeps going. I’m starting to change my first family’s situation and I want to keep doing that until it hits the whole of Africa. That’s my family. That’s my heritage.” It’s hard not to root for a guy so young but with such grand ambitions, not just for himself but for others as well. He might be wearing furs and designer brands in this new video and accompanying photoshoot but it’s clear he wants everyone around him to be as well.

Photography Akash Khadka

Video Edited by Viviana Gomez-Morales

Styling Oleata Stewart and Jilian Banjoko
Videographer Itch Media
Grooming Julia Edwards using Kiehls and Bobbi Brown
Studio The Arts Room London

Not3s’ Notion 78 cover is available now.

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