Notion Fashion: Street Style in Beijing shot by Tom Selmon

The hoodie is the focus of this new fashion story, shot on the streets of Beijing

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From the dramatic rise of grass roots brands to being embraced by high-end fashion; streetwear is everywhere. In this editorial shot by Tom Selmon in Beijing, we explore the common wardrobe staple, the hoodie, and the ways it can be worked and reworked into different looks fit for any occasion.

In this series of shots, large oversized coats are moulded into new silhouettes with the use of under bust corsets, and minimalist hoodies are paired with culottes and heels to blur the lines between informal and formal fashion. This fashion story shows that the hoodie is no longer the item you wear for comfort, it’s a statement piece that immediately adds an air of cool to any look.

Hoodie Karl Lagerfeld, Waistcoat Mulberry, Skirt Alexander Wang, Coat Stella McCartney, Leggings Vega Zaishi Wang, Shoes Loewe

Coat Stella McCartney, Hoodie Karl Lagerfeld

Overall Maxmara, Hoodie Karl Lagerfeld, Jacket Port Leather, Corset Vega Zaishi Wang, Boots Givenchy, Necklace Loewe

Blouse Loewe, Hoodie Karl Lagerfeld, Trousers FentyxPuma, Corset Vega Zaishi Wang, Coat Stella McCartney, Shoes Loewe 

Hoodie Chrisou By Dan, Trousers Vega Zaishi Wang, Shoes and Corset Loewe 

Coat Vega Zaishi Wang, Long dress Fenty x Puma, Lace dress Burberry, Hoodie Chrisou by Dan, Sweater Sandro, Corset Vega Zaishi Wang, Belt Prada, Shoes Gucci, Bag Loewe

Photographer Tom Selmon
Creative Director Neil Lee
Styling Sabina V
Hair + Makeup Annkey
Model Cui Ding Yue from Longteng model agency

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