10TRAX: Young Thugs reigns supreme, Syd strikes out on her own + Sampha stuns us all

We run through the best new videos and tracks of the last week, and throw in an oldie to say goodbye to a fantastic man.

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Oh yes dear readers, your eyes do not deceive you, the Notion playlist is back! It’s been a few weeks, we’ve got a new platform, and Donald Trump is the president now, but you can once again take solace in this slightly sarcastic round up of the latest new music. 2017 is off to a flying start on the music video front, with serious contenders from the Migos, Young Thug and Bonobo already. Oh yeah and Jamiroquai are back and they’re cool now.


Wiley – ‘6 In Da Bloodclart Music’

Wiley finally dropped Godfather last week and reminded everyone exactly why he’s so respected in the scene. Clocking in at seventeen tracks long Wiley comes through with nothing but solid bars; if you haven’t heard it yet -‘6 In Da Bloodclart Morning’ didn’t even make it on the album. Trust Wiley to release a one-off single the day before his biggest album to date.


Sampha – ‘(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano’

It needs to hurry up and be February already because I need Process in my life as soon as humanly possible. After a slow build, Sampha has finally reached the heights he’s been deserving of. ‘(No One Knows Me) Like Piano’ is haunting, his voices is centre stage – right where it should be, backed only by delicate, tenderly played piano. Fallon is a wasteman but this live version is perfect.


William Onyeabor – ‘Fantastic Man’

Okay, so this one isn’t new. It’s very old in fact, but this week the music world lost William Onyeabor and this playlist wouldn’t be complete without a fitting tribute. The Nigerian musician pioneered synth-disco and funk in Africa at a time when almost no one had access to electronic recording equipment or synthesizers. His life was a mystery until the end and his music will continue to fascinate and inspire despite his death. RIP.


Syd – ‘All About Me’

Syd’s striking out on her own, at last. Having made her name with Odd Future and then again with The Internet, the singer-producer extraordinaire has dropped her debut single, the appropriately titled ‘All About Me’ and it’s worth the years of waiting! Keep an eye out for those OFWGKTA cameos too.


BANKS – ‘Trainwreck’

Banks’ new video for ‘Trainwreck’ is exactly the mix of sexy and weird that put BANKS on the map. Set in an old fashioned hotel and co-starring a series of strange rather spongey-faced men, this is full of high fashion horror film vibes.


Young Thug – ‘Wycleaf Jean’

If you haven’t seen this video yet then you clearly don’t have an internet connection and have somehow found a way to access this epic playlist lord knows how. Congratulations on your discovery, but frankly that’s still no excuse for not watching this Young Thug vid.



Apparently it’s ok to be excited about Jamiroquai’s comeback now. There’s only about twenty seconds of it but it sounds a bit like Daft Punk and Jay Kay has a weird robot neon hat so that’s something?


Rejjie Snow – ‘Crooked Cops’

Rejjie Snow’s return is well underway and it couldn’t have come sooner. With a new home on 300, home to Young Thug & many more of the ATL elite, Rejjie has taken his sound in a slightly new direction, ditching the laid back nonchalance of ‘Nights Over Georgia’ for a slapping, West Coast style beat and aggressive, racially charged flow. Blast this all day long to drown out Trump’s inauguration speech.


Pote – ‘Fire for Fire’

Pote’s set for big things this year. His new EP dropped today and features long-time Notion fave Kojey Radical on the title track, which is, appropriately, fire. Wild synths and crushing bass combine for an off-kilter but still highly danceable track from the St. Lucian born producer.


The Weeknd – ‘Party Monster’

Abel gets a bit Fear and Loathing in Last Vegas for his new ‘Party Monster’ video. All neon lights, blurry camera-work and religious iconography – it’s the perfect post-party regret music video.

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