Off Bloom star in a high fashion wrestling match for Shut Up And Let Me Walk

With their mix of experimental production and Scandi songwriting skills, Off Bloom might just be the future of pop music. We premiere the video for breakout single Shut Up and Let Me Walk.

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As the end of 2017 starts to come into view, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the main musical takeaway from the year is going to be that genre’s don’t mean anything anymore. In a world in which Right Said Fred have found their way back into the charts and Ed Sheeran is making afroswing, there are no rules. Those previous two examples may not make this brave new world sound like a good thing, but anglo-danish trio Off Bloom certainly do. Formed in 2015 and made up of three producers Alex, Mads and Mette (who also handles vocals) the three-piece have already caught the ear of Hudson Mohawke and carved out a unique niche with their electronic post-power pop tunes.

For those unfamiliar, which won’t be many by the time their next EP drops, ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’ is the perfect example of their genre-warping sound. Sat somewhere between PC Music and Major Lazer, the track balances dancehall-esque rhythms and the kind of bizarre samples and synths that are increasingly common in pop music, tied together by Mette’s swaggering vocal. The track deals with the end of a relationship and the conflict between leftover feelings for a partner and the desire to be free from them. Today they’re dropping the video, and they’ve given Notion the first look.

Set in a wrestling ring and starring the band alongside a group of dancers, the video is essentially a high fashion cyberpunk wrestling match, pitting band members and dancers alike against one another. The visual opens in black and white before bursting into deep reds and ominous yellows, representing the aggression and energy of the track it accompanies. Speaking about the video, the band said: “There are gonna be three videos connected to our Lover Like Me EP. These are tied together like sonnets, where the ending of the first video is the beginning of the second and so on. Each video is themed with one of the primary colours and the first one – for ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’ – is yellow, aggressive, hurt and destructive! The second video will be for our track ‘Rockefe11a (Fuck That To Be Honest)’, red, slow, wound-licking and a journey from one feeling to another. The third and final one is still to come, and that will be for ‘Lover Like Me’…” Watch ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’ below.

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