Our House: One night getting to know Britain’s best loved house label Defected Records

Defected is one of the most important labels in dance music history for Notion 75 we found out how it all began.

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Defected Records is an institution. For almost two decades the label has been the centre of British house music, playing host to some of the most (or least, depending on how much you had) memorable nights in the country and releasing some of the biggest tunes to grace the club.

Founded in 1998 when the label’s legendary founder, Simon Dunmore, was a humble A&R working at Polygram Records, Defected has since grown into the biggest house label since Trax. Twenty years later, the label still holds down its iconic Ibiza residency, can sell out Ministry of Sound at the drop of a hat and regularly tops the dance charts worldwide. Truly, no history of club culture in the UK would be complete without a trip to the Defected House.

For Notion 75 we spoke to Simon Dunmore himself, Defected’s label’s flagship DJ Sam Divine and fresh label-mate Crookers just before their Defected In The House night at Ministry Of Sound. Alongside a series of photos from the night, captured by a favourite live photography Marcel Le Bachelet, they break down the history of Defected Records, the records that made it and the parties that have made it so iconic. Get to know Defected Records by the accounts of three of their artists.

Catch Simon Dunmore, Sam Divine and co at Defected’s Ibiza residency and at Defected Croatia this summer. Read the full oral history of Defected Records in Notion 75, available now

All photos Marcel La Bachelet
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