Paige Lihya links up with Knucks in the video for the heartsick Dangerous

Paige Liyha comes through with a neon-hued RnB anthem on her new single Dangerous.

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At this point, even the biggest RnB fan could limit themselves to music coming out of London and be satisfied. So much talent is there in the city at the minute that you can’t help but wonder why it’s taken this long for the scene to take off. It feels like every week we discover a new voice with a unique spin on the genre. Our latest find is Paige Lihya, a New Gen affiliated singer from the capital who fuses retro RnB and cloud rap to uplifting effect.

For her most recent singles ‘So Good’ and ‘Dangerous’ she’s teamed up with producer Skye Chai to take that aesthetic even further, laying down her vocals over a series of chopped up, neon sounding instrumentals. The latter also sees her team up with MC Knucks to tell both sides of a broken up relationship, the pair of them taking to the Alexandra Road Estate in Hampstead for the new video. Premiering today on Notion, the visual is a stripped back affair with Paige Lihya and Knucks wandering the estate, Neave Brown’s iconic brutalist architecture contrasting the heartsick tone of the song. Watch the video for ‘Dangerous’ below.

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