Palace x Adidas turn up the heat with new fire sportswear collaboration

The harmonious union is back for an autumn installment of uber cool apparel

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Palace and Adidas have graced us with a fair few collaborations over the years, and AW16 is no exception. Adidas Originals and Palace Skateboards have come together to deliver a collection of garms inspired by 80s European sportswear, promising to be ‘110% Adidas, mit das Palace sexy touch’.

Spotted on the Palace skateboard website is a vintage sportswear catalogue giving us the low down on the latest collection in a typically Palace fashion. Humorous product descriptions lay outwhat to expect from the drop which includes:
Football jerseys, track’zoot’ jacket and bottoms as well as a pair of amped up Adidas x Palace trainers.

Also you need not worry as Palace promises the products to in fact be OG, German and not one bit neeky.

You can grab the collection when it launches in store and online from Palace Skateboards on November 12th.

To get clued up on exactly what to expect watch the brands teaser video, “All Day Ich”.

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