Pauli The PSM is lighting the fuse on the UK’s odd-soul explosion

Pauli The PSM returns with his first taste of new music since 2016. Listen to the premiere of Lifeline here.

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It’s set to be a summer of leftfield soul here in London. Between Erykha Badu paying us a visit for Field Day and the ever-expanding wave of new artists bridging the gaps between soul, British rap and jazz, the city is on the verge of a neo-neo-soul explosion. North London’s Pauli The PSM might just the artist to light the fuse.

Having first come to our attention a couple of years back with his The Idea of Tomorrow EP, which was narrated by Idris Elba, today he’s premiering ‘Lifeline (Lorne Mayers Anthem)’ his first taste of new music since 2016. Sat somewhere between old-school boom bap and neosoul it sees Pauli pleading for another chance, detailing the challenges that have faced him, switching between sung melodies and semi-spoken word verses.

Speaking about the track Pauli said “[‘Lifeline’ is] a quest for recognition in a land riddled with potholes. I often find that life feels like a game of snakes and ladders. In this song, I’m asking for a fair shot. Another chance. A lifeline. So that one day, I may experience the entitlement of the privileged. This song pays homage to my friend, North London hero, Lorn Mayers who was the youngest player to ever be drafted for an NFL team; soon after he was tragically caught in at a shooting at a nightclub that would leave him injured, never to play American football again.” Listen to ‘Lifeline’ below.

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