Peace release new single From Under Liquid Glass in support of MQ’s new mental health campaign

Peace team up with mental health advocates MQ on new single From Under Liquid Glass.

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2017 has been an important moment for the music world’s discussion of mental health. With artists like Logic and Khalid bringing the discussion into the musical forefront with their through-provoking single, ‘1-800-273-8255’, it’s great to see that other artists are doing so as well. Today, indie rabble Peace have offered one of Britain’s leading charities in mental health, MQ, a helping hand with new stand-alone single ‘From Under Liquid Glass’. Written by the band’s singer Harry Koisser, who has struggled with mental health issues in the past, the track has been released to support MQ’s ‘It’s Time To Give A **** About Mental Health In Young People’ campaign.

Speaking about the song Koissier said, “it is an honest, personal account of how I was feeling last year. Things in my life were rocky and I hit a low point; the song is a form of self-expression, which I found therapeutic. It helped me write my feelings down on paper. The origin of the song is to do with the fear that if my peers and out fans got a glimpse of that fact that I wasn’t actually a swirling eruption of positivity and that I was in fact really struggling with my mental health, they would feel somehow like I was a fraud.”

Urging others to seek help, he continued, “if people take comfort in the song that’s only a good thing, and if people can relate to it, that’s a good thing too. To me, that is what music is about – and I hope it can help continue to raise awareness about mental health. Before now, my approach has been to cover up and not talk about any sort of mental health issues. I’m lucky in that I have songs to put my feelings into; this is the first time I’ve been this straightforward in a song this honest.”

In support of the campaign, Peace are encouraging their fans to create their own ‘swearing selfie’ and share it on their socials here. Listen to ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ below.

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