Pelicandy perfect the art of the 80s revival on new single Waiting Room

We have the premiere of Pelicandy's spring-loaded new track Waiting Room.

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Many bands have tried to revive the spring-loaded pop of the 80s and many bands have failed. It’s hardly surprising really, if you reach for the standards of Fame-era Bowie and peak Michael Jackson you’re going to come up short. Far better then, to go down the Pelicandy route and bring in those slinky basslines and rubberised drums into your own sound, using a little bit of New Romantic sensibility to help you along as you craft your own take on the 80s.

The group’s new single ‘Waiting Room’ is a masterclass, balancing quasi-gothic keys, 80s drama and modern pop sensibilities expertly. Packed with heavy hitting basslines, sparkling, almost shoegaze worthy guitars and led by singer TC’s distinctive voice it’s catchy, nostalgic and unique in equal measure. The track’s luscious instrumental compliments the semi-celebratory tone of TC’s lyrics that detail coming to the end of a long bout of depression.

Speaking about the track, TC said “Waiting Room’ came out of a particularly long bout of depression I went through a while back but it’s really a homage to the people who are supportive and loving to those who struggle to love themselves. It’s an unrewarding and emotionally exhausting position that requires immense strength and patience and often goes unacknowledged. It’s a thank you note.”

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