Pete Philly’s Favorite Song video proves there’s no such thing as bad dancing

Pete Philly proves that all dancing is good dancing in the video for Favorite Song. Watch the premiere now.

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We could learn a few things from the Dutch. Not only are they one of the most egalitarian societies in the world, they’re also one of the happiest. While Britain’s international reputation veers between awkward politeness and outright hooliganism, anyone’s who’s been to the Netherlands knows that on the whole Dutch people are incredibly friendly and well-meaning. That laid-back approach shines through in Pete Philly‘s video for his latest single, ‘Favorite Song’.

Premiering on Notion today, the opening of the video sees Pete approaching strangers in Amsterdam’s Dam Square and asking them to come back to his studio and dance in his music video. If the ensuing series of clips showing people enthusiastically, if often badly, dancing is to be believed then it his approach paid off. Admittedly ‘Favorite Song’ is a pretty compelling track to dance to, with it’s blaring horns and Caribbean influenced beat but categorically speaking this video would not work in London. Imagine going up to random Londoners outside M&M world or the National Gallery and asking them to dance for you. Exactly, you can’t, because it’s something no British person would ever do. There’s a lesson in that somewhere.

Speaking about the video Pete Philly said: “This video is about all the different kinds of people that I connect with through my music. I walked onto the Dam square in Amsterdam to ask people who didn’t know me or my music, to come and listen to my latest single ‘Favorite Song’ while we filmed their reactions and expressions. This video is the result. ‘Favorite Song’ is about the love of music, which mirrors the love of life, as well as love lives. Though my Caribbean influence is a big part of the song sonically, the message and vibe are universal as this video shows.” Watch the video for ‘Favorite Song’ below.

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