Poet and filmmaker IGGYLDN explores black fatherhood in new short film

IGGYLDN explores where masculinity and family intersect in his new short film Fatherhood.

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23-year-old spoken word artist, filmmaker and poet IGGYLDN, know from Black Boys Don’t Cry, has shared a new short film Fatherhood designed to decode the intimacy between men of colour; in particular, the relationship between father and son, which is hardly portrayed in mainstream media.

Fatherhood is not only a narration about the complex feelings that men may have towards their fathers but a call to normalise emotions that are present in most men of colour. It is a way of deconstructing the ideals and standards of black masculinity within their own families.

The story depicts the emotional turmoil that can arise from unresolved issues within relationships; how they play upon a young man’s psyche leading up to manhood and how they change his viewpoint on himself as well as his father. In particular the film deals with broken relationships between father and son which lead to a perpetuation of anger and resentment in men. Fatherhood aims to address these feelings by focusing on the relationship between father and son rather than its divide.

The film, led by a spoken word piece by IGGYLDN, unpicks the many facets of emotion that young men may express towards their fathers but never have had the chance to say, helped by visuals that illustrate the journey from childhood to adulthood. In the end, Fatherhood aims to challenge the stereotypical ideals of manhood in order to break a cycle and adopts a symbol of accountability and forgiveness for past wrongdoings in a beautiful and profound way. Watch Fatherhood below.

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