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Calvin Klein's main man links up with The xx for new 'I Dare You' video featuring Milly Bobby Brown, Paris Jackson & more.

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The xx have enlisted the help of some very famous friends for their new music video. The group’s new visual for ‘I Dare You’ stars Stranger Things actor Milly Bobby Brown and Paris Jackson alongside Moonlight star Ashton Sanders and model siblings Lulu and Ernesto Cervantes. How did the London trip assemble such a cast I hear you ask? With the help of Calvin Klein creative director and fashion icon Raf Simons, that’s how.

Simons has been working with all of the video’s stars for various Calvin Klein campaigns recently and alongside director Alasdair McLellan helped the group create the video which sees Bobby Brown and co. skipping school to cruise the streets of California. The whole video is shot in heavy saturation, the sun practically beaming out of the screen and is themed around Brown, Jackson, etc. daring one another to sneak into one of LA’s infamous old mansions. It’s like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but with 100% more Calvin Klein.

‘I Dare You’ is the latest in an emerging trend of music video / fashion brand team-ups. In 2015 Kanye linked up with Balmain for his ‘Wolves’ music video and Grimes’ video for ‘Kill Vs Maim’ while not made with any particular brand certainly leant heavy of the Versace in terms of styling. Watch the video for ‘I Dare You’ above.

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