RAY BLK stays true to herself on Doing Me

After championing BBC's Sound of 2017 and collaborating with Gorillaz, RAY BLK is ready for the world to see her modest self.

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Doing Me

Between major collaborations and fancy photoshoots, it can be pretty easy to get a cloudy vision of what’s in front of you. One person not letting any of this ruin her sight is the BBC Sound of 2017 winner, RAY BLK. After collaborating with Gorillaz’ on their latest album, Humanz, the singer/rapper just released the humble and care-free solo-track, ‘Doing Me’.

Admittedly much poppier than some of the artist’s older stuff, the track captures the uniquely confident attitude you’d expect to see in veterans of the field, rather than newcomers. On ‘Doing Me’, BLK sings “You’re copying trends, I’d rather invent” in reference to her individual style echoing the effortless charisma of earlier tracks like ‘Busy’. Her realness is highly admirable, and sets her apart from many artists today. Listen to ‘Doing Me’ below.

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