Re.Sustain: Where ethical fashion & affordability meet

Re.Sustain is a newly emerged ethical fashion brand that believes both fashion and sustainability can exist alongside each other.

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Re.Sustain is a clothing brand conceived by Prama Barwaj – a sustainability pioneer – alongside OTHER store owner Matthew Murphy and former i-D managing director Richard Martin in a bid to create ethical fashion at prices that are genuinely affordable. It’s no secret that part of the challenge with sustainable fashion, organic food and fair trade produce is that it often tends to be on the pricier side of life. However, with the brand’s prices ranging from £39-145, there has never been less of an excuse. For fashion, at least…

This new offering seeks to prioritise the concept of fashionability whilst still ensuring the sustainability aspect is in no way compromised, and through a range of men’s and women’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets the goal has quite clearly been achieved. Ensuring that each part of the garment manufacture process is ethical, the brand use sustainably sourced yarns and local dye houses to fully commit to their organic vision. Sporting a dreamy colour palette of pastel pinks, deep blues and crisp whites, Re.Sustain’s first offering of loose silhouettes seems to be as much an advocate of comfort as they are sustainability.

For more information on Re.Sustain, check out their website.
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