Rhodes gives an insight into his favourite things

Sharing with us his mood board of inspiration, RHODES talks us through nostalgic paintings, classic films and poignant records

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With his European Tour kicking off this month, as well as the release of his debut album and new single, he’s had a well above-average September. Heading to Nottingham first, Rhodes is touring around Europe to feed his fan-base’s ever-increasing hunger for more. His new single, ‘Let It All Go’ featuring Birdy; an easy-going, slow-jam made all the more whimsical by Birdy’s lighter-than-air vocals, only highlights why Rhodes is one to watch.

The British-born musician has been on our radar since 2013, when his debut EP ‘Raise Your Love’ was released on Hometown Records. Since then three more EPs have been released, numerous sold-out shows have been performed, and now he graces us with his debut album; ‘Wishes’.

Here, Rhodes gives us a wonderful insight into his favourite films, literature and music.

Notion Moodboard by RHODES

RHODES European Tour begins on 30 September 2015 in Nottingham,UK. His Debut album, ‘Wishes’ is out now.
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