Ruby Francis aims to be the UK’s answer to The Internet on new single ‘Paranoid’

As Syd and Steve Lacy conquer the world, a new generation of post-Odd Future artists is emerging in the UK and Ruby Francis is leading the pack.

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Odd Future’s impact on hip hop is hard to overstate. When the group broke seven years ago, few people would predict they’d go on to influence a whole generation of artists. While their impact is more obvious across the Atlantic, the group having broken down the doors for the likes of Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert to become weird rap stars and rearranged the sonic landscape of much of the underground, non-rap scenes included, Tyler, Earl and co. have also had a huge impact in the UK and no faction more so than The Internet. Led by Odd Future’s former go-to producer Syd the group revolutionised the hip hop world’s approach to soul, swapping dusty samples for laid-back grooves and live instrumentation. It’s a sound that’s defining a new generation.

Until now that sound has been largely confined to the US, but on her new single ‘Paranoid’ London’s Ruby Francis has brought a dose of that California haze to the UK. Led by staccato piano and Pharrell-worthy syncopation the track fuses Odd Future’s trademark production with a UK soul / RnB sensibility, Francis half-singing, half-speaking her vocal. The track itself deals with paranoia in a relationship, a subject matter that contrasts with the track’s sunny disposition in the best way possible, hitting the listener with a left hook when Ruby declares she’s sitting ‘looking at your pictures, wondering who his bitch is’. Listen below.

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