Saint Clair is longing for a Human Touch on new single

Saint Clair is a woman with many projects, we premiere her latest single Human Touch.

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Emma Topolski is no stranger to the UK’s music scene. A member of Laura Marling’s band, the bassist and singer of the band of the moment Childcare and a former collaborator of Ghostpoet, she had plenty of notches on her belt before she decided to reinvent herself as Saint Clair. It’s no surprise then that her reinvention is going very well indeed. She’s on her second solo EP of the year and is working with producers from Ninjatune and Terrible Records. Oh and she’s still holding down the Laura Marling and Childcare gigs, natch.

Her latest offering is ‘Human Touch.’ Premiering today on Notion, it’s a delicately arranged track, full of subtle grooves and gently layered instrumentation. The song builds slowly with Topolski’s vocal taking centre stage, riding the ghost of a classic RnB melody, desire building in her lyricism and the intensity of the track as it reaches the chorus. It’s the latest single taken from her D2 EP which is out on her own Dearly Beloved imprint soon. Listen to ‘Human Touch’ below.

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