SG Lewis collabs with newcomer Col3trane on Smart Aleck Kill

SG Lewis ventures further into hip hop with his new one, co-written with Col3trane.

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SG Lewis comes with a mellow but poignant track, co-written and featuring the vocals of 18-year-old SG Col3trane. The track seems to take the name of a Raymond Chandler short story, with Col3trane’s honest vocals almost sounding like a diary entry as he lists off the small interactions he has with his girl; “You play with my emotions when you think it’s right / I play with my pinky ring when I need to / I try to get my focus right / I play the victim but you see through’.

This is the most recent in a long line of collaborations from the talented producer who has worked with Dave, Ray BLK, Gallant, Dornik and Raye.

Listen to the track below.

Photo by Sophie Mayanne for Notion 75, available here.
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