Before the show: Kim Ann Foxman @ Printworks 18/02/2017

We get a look at the Printworks in action with Kim Ann Foxman.

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Printworks has been bringing some much-needed new energy to London since it opened last month. Playing host to some of the biggest and best names in dance music with its already iconic day parties, the venue has fast become one of the most exciting in the capital. We sent our resident live photographer Marcel Le Bachelet down to Printworks for Maribou State and Kim Ann Foxman’s massive takeover a few weeks back to capture the heart of the party firsthand. We even managed to drag Foxman away from the booth long enough for a chat. See the highlights of the night below and read her interview after the jump.

Could you describe your sound as if you weren’t Kim Ann Foxman?

I would describe my sound as classic aesthetic inspired dance music that covers a broad spectrum of all kinds of stuff including a lot of acid house, techno, house, ravey stuff, breakbeat, electro, quirky dance records as well, and a lot more really, but I sorta play them all in a way which fits into the rave spectrum of things.

So are there any iconic tracks that shaped your vision or shaped what you like to play?

I mean so much from early 90s kind of rave stuff and house music. One of my favourite all-time favourite records is Coco Steel & Lovebomb ‘Feel It’ – that one kind of really inspired me on the house side of things, and ‘LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix)’ is another one I love.

What was your last music search?

My last music search?

Maybe something you typed on Spotify…

Let me actually look at my phone right now, because I did look something up on my phone. The last thing I searched for was a Fantastic Man record, called ‘Galactic Ecstasy’.

How do you feel about tonight’s set?

Well, I played at 1:30pm and I thought it went really well. The crowd was really filling in and by the end it was like totally packed and the crowd was really into it, so I’m happy with it. The space is amazing at Printworks, the lights were amazing in the venue, and I had a lot of great reactions from the crowd. Because it’s my first time playing here, I’m really impressed because I’ve never seen a venue like this in London, and it was packed so early in the day.

Especially because there’s so many of the clubs that are closing in London at the moment, so for a venue like this to do well…

Yeah, I think it’s making a strong mark already. It’s really impressive.

Tell us about the set list for tonight…

Erm, I don’t have a set list, I sort of just go with the flow. So yeah, I never really think about what I’m gonna play or stuff like that.

So you’ve played in some of the most iconic clubs in the world right now, what’s your favourite place on earth at the moment? You don’t have to say Printworks!

(She laughs) I mean, let’s see. There’s a lot of really cool clubs, For me Panorama Bar on a Sunday afternoon is my favourite, because I’ve played many times, I feel really comfortable there, and the crowd is just the best; they really take it there. A lot of them have been there for the whole weekend, so they go nuts! But the energy in there is so amazing I think it’s a great mix of people and they are very expressive, and I love that. I love that you can still find freaks in the club and that there are no cell phones. That really makes a great party.

What’s good about the electronic music industry today, is there anything that needs to change?

If anything needs to change in the electronic industry… I mean, there’s many things that need to change. But you know, I think that some things are changing for the better. There are more and more women on the scene compared to when I first started playing out internationally. It’s really cool that there are a lot more female DJs and electronic artists, but we have to keep pushing for that as we still have a long way to go. We have to fight extra hard to get headlining time slots and our names in equal size fonts. We have to fight hard to be visible and be heard. So I think we need to really support all the kick-ass women out there and give them a chance to shine.

Are there any tips that you would give to someone wanting to start in the industry now?

If I were to give tips to anyone that wants to to be in the industry as a DJ or artist… these days, you really need to produce, and put out music so that you get gigs. Which I don’t really think it’s necessarily fair! (she laughs) Because I personally don’t believe that all DJs are good producers and vice-versa. It didn’t used to be that way, but times have changed- so its best to learn both.

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Interview: Sita Shah
All photos: Marcel Le Bachelet



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