Silk in Sepia photographed by Aleksandra Podburtnaja

We serve nostalgia in our glamorous new fashion editorial photographed by Aleksandra Podburtnaja.

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Channelling everything great about the 70s, Silk in Sepia is our latest fashion editorial which oozes elegance, nostalgia and true to the 70s, a little sex appeal. Photographed by Aleksandra Podburtnaja, each look pays homage to the past – with a range of shots ranging from sultry to strictly business. It’s girl power at its finest, beautifully feminine yet strong and bold. Set off with warm orange and sepia tones, we see old school glamour embodied in each look.

Photography Aleksandra Podburtnaja
Styling Lucy Upton Prowse
MUA Grace Vee
Hair Stefan Bertin
Models Molly @ Milk and Liang @ STORM


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