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He’s always been a stylish guy, but fans of McBusted, or anyone that follows Dougie Poynter on social media, will have noticed he has really upped his A-game in the style stakes the last 12 months. His engagement could be due the musician’s increased involvement in the fashion world, having founded his own clothing company, Saint Kidd in 2011. It may be down to having to keep up with his girlfriend, pop idol and trend setter, Ellie Goulding. Whatever the reason, we are very much advocates of his style right now and we’re pretty pleased to be given a first look at some exclusive pictures of Dougie, shot by his friend, photographer Louie Banks.

As you may see from these pictures, Dougie proves he has great fashion taste, having styled himself with clothes from his own wardrobe (mostly Saint Laurent btw), but also that he’s a natural in front of the camera.We caught up with him to discuss who holds the style crown in his relationship, his dreams to be the face of a fashion campaign and what’s next for McBusted. Now he has finished touring with McBusted, Dougie may have some extra time on his hands to get in front of the camera again. After judging these images, we think that may not be a bad idea…

NOTION: Hi Dougie, how are you? How has your day been?

DOUGIE: I’m good thank you! Not much has been happening today; I thought I had something on, but it turns out that it is tomorrow instead, so I’ve been kind of like, ‘eh alright, what should I do?’

How was the McBusted ‘Most Excellent Adventure’ tour that finished not too long ago?

That was awesome. The McBusted shows have been the most fun any of us have had on stage I think. It was pretty special.

What song do you enjoy performing the most?

Probably ‘Year 3000’, just because it’s super easy to jump around to and everyone goes nuts for it, it’s cool.

What has been the ‘most excellent adventure’ of your career so far?

Err, man. I can’t really say one thing. Within the twelve, thirteen years that we’ve been a band, we’ve got to travel the world, see some cool things and see some terrible things. We’ve played humongous shows, we’ve played really tiny shows, so the whole thing has been a pretty mental adventure.

Do you prefer the bigger shows to the smaller ones?

The smaller ones you can mess around a little bit more and it’s more about just playing and the bantering between songs, and then the bigger shows we have loads of production and pyrotechnics and things that could blow you up. UFO’s, inflatable boobs that squirt things at people… they’re two completely different things that we enjoy equally.

What’s it like being in a band with such good friends?

It’s kind of like a family. You don’t really over think how close you are. Even with the Busted guys, they’ve been like our cousins that just pop up every now and again and hang out with them loads. It’s really cool, it just makes life easier.

We were looking at your Instagram snaps this morning, and we’re kind of jealous of how fun your holiday looked. How was it?

It was a great holiday. I think it’s the longest I’ve been away in ages, like to actually go away and do nothing. Usually I end up going somewhere and doing some kind of work, but this was great we literally did nothing for a week, which was rad.

So everyone knows that you’re in a relationship with Ellie…

Ah really? My secret’s out, shit (laughs).

I know right! Do you think there’s a lot more media attention on you guys now?

I don’t really know. I try not to think about it.

Is it nice having someone that knows how stressful a musician can be though?

Oh yeah totally. I think that totally makes it a lot easier, because you both get exactly what you’re doing, you both know the periods when you’re going to be away for ages, but there’s also times when you’re going to be home without anything to do for long periods of time as well. Yeah it does make it easier.

Who do you think has better style, you or Ellie?

Erm, I’ll have to say, Ellie.


Girls have way more to choose from. Even like down to underwear girls have more to choose from. With guys you either wear briefs or boxers, but with girls it’s like a whole different world. If I was a girl I’d dress like her.

Would you ever collab with her?

No I wouldn’t want to destroy her career.

I don’t think you would be destroying it…

Erm, yeah I dunno, I beg to differ (laughs). You’ve never heard me sing solo.

On tour you were channelling your inner Serge from Kasabian, who are some of your style icons?

Definitely Serge is rad – he’s always looked pretty cool. Johnny Depp has always got his own thing going on, Hedi Slimane I think he’s a genius. Anyone kind of old school really; lots of dudes from rock bands in the past, or even people like Lenny Kravitz. Actually maybe not Lenny, have you seen recently what happened to him?

No… what happened?

His pants split on stage and his penis fell out.

Oh no! That’s so embarrassing!

Yeah not many people know about it-it happened the other day. But yeah Lenny Kravitz when his pants are in tact (laughs) along with The Doors and The Beatles. I’ve got tons of books on fashion from the sixties.

Talking of books, what inspired you to write a kid’s book with Tom?

That was a joke that went too far. But it does really well, and we really enjoy doing them.

Where did the whole dinosaur pooping everywhere even come from?

Literally it was a joke, and me and Tom were making each other laugh with nonsense rhymes about a dinosaur that would eat stuff and poop it back out. Then we put it all together, and thought actually this could be really good. We spent a while finding publishers, and eventually someone took a gamble and released it for us, and now it does great.

Your new model pictures see you wearing a lot of Saint Laurent.

I wanted to do a shoot for my friend Louis Banks and we were just hanging out and majority of my wardrobe just happened to be Saint Laurent. But bloody hell, God, I’d love to do a campaign for Saint Laurent.

That would be epic. What was it like doing the whole modelling thing?

It was great. I’m genuinely just a huge fan of clothes and the history behind certain items. A friend of mine is about to publish a book about the history of certain items of clothing and where it comes from and why we wear certain things. I love the romance that you can still get from a picture. Like my flat is covered in black and white pictures of cool people. So yeah maybe that was the thinking behind that.

I’d love to, like I really enjoy doing it and I have a genuine passion for fashion.

So what’s next for McBusted? What can the fans expect now?

Well in a couple of weeks we have two shows back to back. We’re playing Newmarket  (Newmarket Racecourse Summer Saturday Live) and then headlining Fusion Festival in Birmingham which is going to be really rad. Then after that, I guess we’ll talk about what to do next. We try not to plan too far ahead because you never know what’s going to happen. We had no idea McBusted was going to be successful, so we just try and play it how it goes really.

Keep up to date with Dougie’s news over on his Twitter and McBusted’s news here.
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