Soft Fangs imagines life as a bee on Honey Colony

Take a journey into the hive with the premiere of Brooklyn-based songwriter Soft Fangs' new single Honey Colony.

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soft fangs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bee? Not in an ironic Bee Movie meme kind of way but actually, to buzz your way around life, harvesting pollen in service of a swarm of near identical bees; to really be a bee? Soft Fangs has.

The project of Brooklyn-based John Lutkevich, Soft Fangs’ new single ‘Honey Colony,’ is about exactly that. Premiering on Notion today the track is inspired by an overworked friend who paints beehives for a living (who knew that was a job?). The song combines the glib humour of Pavement and darker-Beach Boys with the stylings of early-emo; imagine magic realism meets Death Cab For Cutie and you’re most of the way there.

Blended together with a healthy dose of slacker rock guitar and lo-fi recording, ‘Honey Colony’ manages to be both supremely relaxing and delicately sombre. The guitars bounce, but only slightly and Lutkevich’s falsetto is so deliberately devoid of emotion it’s hard to tell whether he’s lying in his garden watching the bees as he basks in the sun or stuck inside some bleak office staring at them through the window. It’s hard to know whether to be uplifted or crushed by the track’s final couplet, “I believe there’s more to see than the honey colony/ I’ve been trapped in my hive, barely alive, working for a Queen who I’ll never get to see.” Listen below.

Soft Fangs’ second album Fractures is out September 1st on Disposable America.

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