The spectacle continues in XamVolo’s video for Adored

XamVolo unveils Adored, part two of his ongoing short film A Damn Fine Spectacle.

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Last week we unveiled the first part of London jazz singer XamVolo’s new short film A Damn Fine Spectacle. Today we’re premiering part two, ‘Adored’. Picking up where ‘Lose Love’ left off, ‘Adored’ sees our protagonist succumbing further to the glamorous lifestyle she desires. Meeting a partner at a nightclub, the cracks between reality and the world she has created for herself begin to show as they dance to XamVolo‘s performance. Initially intimate, the fling soon turns sour and her new man becomes a sinister figure who attempts to make her stay as clarity dawns and she tries to leave.

Unlike the surreal tone of part one, this time round XamVolo’s lyrics speak much more directly to the events that unfold in the accompanying film. Watching over the scene as the beat peels back he sings in immaculate falsetto “bracing, for the applause, pacing, treading the boards, till they adore”. A crowd cheering cuts through the song as the visual cuts to the protagonist in the bathroom, giving an acceptance speech in the mirror. What’s the cause of her double life? And what’s with those strange shots of dripping black honey? Watch ‘Adored’ below and check back for the next part of A Damn Fine Spectacle next week.

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