Starbucks: Kickstarting a Global Coffee Revolution

Starbucks is one of the most recognisable brands in the world but it also changed what we drink and how we drink coffee

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Starbucks is arguably the best-known coffee brand in the world. Since starting out in Seattle back in 1971, the chain has grown from strength to strength, with nearly a whopping 24,000 locations in the world. Coffee shops now dominate shopping centres and high streets, thanks to Starbucks’ influence. And, the best thing about the brand is that wherever you are in the world, you know you’ll get the same standard of coffee every time you see that distinctive green and white logo.

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Starbucks has also changed the way the world views coffee. Nowadays, there are plenty of different chains to choose from, but it’s still one of the global market leaders.

The brand’s CEO, Howard Schultz, always seems to be finding new ways to be innovative and set new trends. Here are just a couple of his recent ideas, which make Starbucks really stand out:

  • Starbucks teamed up with Spotify so all its US Starbucks reward program members can choose the music playing in its stores. Buy a coffee and pick the tunes the branch will play while you enjoy your drink. This puts the consumer in control and makes them feel important.
  • It also launched a nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee served straight from a beer tap. The Nitro Cold Brew has been rolled out in around 500 stores so far; serving a slightly bubbly, creamy coffee that’s super cool.

Starbucks certainly has to keep innovating to compete in the growing coffee market. The brand kick-started a trend when it first launched, by giving people plenty of different coffee options. You can’t walk into a store now and ask for just a coffee; you get to decide if it’s a flat white, a cappuccino or an espresso. Or would you like a flavoured syrup to add a touch of sweetness to your drink? And who knew there could be so many different types of coffee bean that can change the blend and taste?

 Starbucks (CC BY 2.0) by allisonmseward12

Now, so many independent and hipster coffee stores have opened in the US and beyond. People increasingly care about the origin of their food and drinks, so everyone’s more aware of finding out where their coffee comes from.

Single-origin coffee is still a massive trend for coffee aficionados. These are made from beans from single plantations – or even single fields – and they’re considered by those in the know to be more high end, with unique flavor profile. Of course, you can pick them up at Starbucks, but independent stores are also selling theirs on a far smaller scale.

Who knows what’ll be the next big thing in the coffee world, but one thing’s for sure, if Starbucks isn’t leading the way, it definitely won’t be far behind the curve!

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