Subculture Sage put the world to rights on Aliens

Subculture Sage's latest single is a dystopian reckoning for a broken society

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There’s a lot of fear in the world right now. It’s both the driving force behind the rise of the far right across Europe and America and a legitimate response to that rise; a kind of hellish cycle that has left society divided and everyone scared. In such terrifying times, culture plays a vital role, it can be an escape and a tool for empowerment, a reminder that no matter how chaotic it feels; someone, somewhere has a reason to stoke up all this fear.

That’s exactly what UK hip hop Subculture Sage are highlighting with their new single ‘Aliens’. An eery, warped cut, it shines a light on how narratives around the refugee crisis have been used to empower Trump and his ilk and divide society. MC Hypeman Sage weaves a compelling thread throughout the whole track, with bar after bar spilling out over one another, ruminating on the ills of the world between chopped up samples of news reports and political speeches. Meanwhile, producer Subculture Sounds crafts a dystopian beat beneath; one that clicks and clacks, constantly shifting and unfurling, refusing to find a regular groove, leaving the listener on edge. Together they paint a pretty harrowing vision of contemporary society; the track’s title both a reference to the refugee crisis and the pair themselves who, like many of us, feel increasingly alienated from the world around them.

Speaking about the track Subculture Sage said: “There’s this cloud casting shadows over a lot of what we see in politics these days and I think like everyone, we’ve got this undeniable rage right now. The narrative that there’s people literally at our fences trying to take what’s ours is being used by people with power. This past year with the new president of the US has left us feeling like we’re in a Twilight Zone and it feels like the end of the world and time is increasingly speeding up.” Listen to ‘Aliens’ below.

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