Swedish producer boerd finds beauty in isolation in the video for Void

boerd samples creaks, crunches and a world of ambient noise on haunting new single Void.

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Songs can bang and songs can slap but songs vey rarely creak. However boerd’s new single does exactly that. Between sparkling samples and strings, the Swedish producer works in subtle moments of ambient noise, weaving the sounds of trees creaking, pots falling and who knows what else among the instrumentation. The effect is haunting, transforming the track from a sparse ballad into an evocative soundscape, that captures the isolation of the track’s title.

However the overall effect is melancholic rather than lonely with an emotional warmth running through the track. It’s a feeling replicated in the new video for ‘Void’, which premieres today on Notion. The visuals follow one man through the Swedish wilds, an inner conflict revealing itself as he rushes through the forest, eventually finding peace as the track concludes. The snowy landscapes of boerd’s new video for ‘Void’ might seem like a world away right now, but that doesn’t make the quiet drama of the visual any less effective.

Speaking about the track, boerd said: “The video is starring my friend Antoni, and was shot in a national park called Nackareservatet, just outside Stockholm. I tried to capture the feeling I get sometimes when I’ve been stuck in my own mind for too long, when you get to a point where you’re not even sure if you’re happy or sad anymore. You’re restless and apathetic at the same time. I had a vague idea for a video where a person walks into a forest for no apparent reason, like he just suddenly found himself there, and then proceeds to do whatever he feels like because he’s all alone out there anyway and Antoni did a great job.” Watch the video for ‘Void’ below.

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