Journey into the mind of a cowboy with Soulwax, Mixhell & Joe Goddard

The international superstars team-up on the outlandish new video for Crocodile Boots

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Any Soulwax remix is a cause for excitement. The Belgian group have been taking apart and rearranging the biggest tracks from the worlds of indie, pop and beyond for over a decade now with flawless results. However, when the track Soulwax have got their hands on is already a banger, that’s when something special starts to happen. Case and point, the group’s brand new take on Joe Goddard, Mixhell and Mutado Pintado’s ‘Crocodile Boots.’

‘Crocodile Boots’ is a dance tune like no other. A suitably reptilian synth creeps its way through the track, backed by pounding drums and rising arpeggios, creating a mood that’s equal parts disorienting and uplifting. Meanwhile, Mutado Pintado delivers a brash spoken word, declaring “these are my rules” as Mixhell’s Laima Leyton half-sings half-raps in hypnotic Portuguese. There’s a lot going on with this track.

The new video for the track, created by Pintado himself and premiering here on Notion, is equally dense as well. Mixed archive footage, mostly of cowboys, is interspersed with vaguely terrifying close-ups of Mutado grinning into the camera, adorned in full cowboy regalia and gold grills. There are clips of men wrestling crocodiles, some giant cowboy boots and a brief journey into space. It’s exactly the kind of chaotic semi-psychedelia you’d expect when handing a track made by a wild westerner, a member of Hot Chip, and the former drummer of Sepultura and his wife to a group like Soulwax.

To help us figure out what exactly is going on in the ‘Crocodile Boots’ video, we caught a minute with Mixhell’s Igor Cavalera, who along with his partner in production and marriage, Laima, will be joining Soulwax on their world tour later this year. Read his interview below.

What inspired the Mixhell project?

Igor: Art is the biggest inspiration for us. Mixhell is like our baby; we try to keep it naive and not to sacrifice our ideas for commercial use.

You’re best known for your work with your brother Max in Sepultura, and now you’re working with your wife on Mixhell, how important is family to you personally and as an influence on your music?

I will only work with people that I love; that’s a resolution I had a few years back, maybe when you are a teenager is ok to tour with a bunch of people you don’t like, but life is too short to hang out with negative people.

How did you get involved with Joe Goddard and Mutado Pintado?
We met Joe many years ago touring with Hot Chip and became really good friends sharing our love for synths and food. Mutado we met with Paranoid London in Barcelona, and now we have a few music projects together like Dog Dick and LiveWife with the guys from The Fat White Family. We are all parents and share the life of music and family.

Is that Joe wearing the grill and cowboy hat?
That’s the one and only ‘Mutado Pintado.”

Why did you choose to use archive footage for the video?
Mutado did the video, and it’s like a dive into his brain.

How did the pair of you get involved with Soulwax?
We met the Soulwax guys in Brazil more than ten years ago and they became Mixhell’s godfathers, bringing us on tour with them when nobody knew who we were. Now me and Laima play in Soulwax, it’s like a dream come true!

Their remixes are pretty legendary, do you have a favourite Soulwax remix outside of ‘Crocodile Boots’?
I remember listening to their Tame Impala remix at Despacio, and almost lost my mind, I also love a remix they did for Sepultura’s ‘Roots’, but Dave lost it in a hard drive many years ago.

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