Take a dancing tour of Lisbon in Branko + PEDRO’s new video for MPTS

Two of Lisbon's greatest talents come together on energetic, globetrotting new single MPTS.

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Portugal’s electronic music scene is thriving. Overlooked in comparison to its neighbours in Spain, a healthy underground has blossomed in Lisbon. Led by the likes of veteran producer Branko and his Buraka Som Sistema project, Lisbon’s DJs and producers have been combining techno and elements of African and Caribbean carnival music for decades. It’s a sound that’s becoming increasingly familiar to UK audiences as the influence of dancehall, afrobeats and reggaeton grow in London and beyond.

However, Branko is always one step ahead and while staying true to his sound, he’s embracing the city’s new blood, teaming up with PEDRO for new single ‘MPTS’. Syncopated rhythms combine with a North African or even Middle Eastern sounding synths, building up into a heavily afro-caribbean influenced beat. It’s futuristic but still firmly rooted in the city’s sound. The accompanying video, premiering on Notion today, is a simple but hugely effective statement of that fusion. Directed by Pluma, it focuses on a dancer who butterflies and bounces her way through some of the city’s most iconic spots showcasing Lisbon from street-level, the modern styling and sounds contrasting with the often historic sights. Watch it below.

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