Take a mind-expanding journey into the world of JD. Reid’s Just Know in this animated new video

JD. Reid comes through with an experimentally animated new video for Tree highlight Just Know.

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Jd. Reid

If you’ve listened to JD. Reid‘s latest mixtape Tree then you’ll know that the London producer is capable of some truly amazing feats. Cheif among them is D Double E sampling track ‘Just Know’ featuring Henry Wu and Venna.  A dense four and a half minutes, on ‘Just Know’ Reid manages to fuse grime and jazz flawlessly, enlisting the talents of Wu (aka Kamaal Williams) and Venna to add some instrumental flair to a bubbling beat. D Double E’s adlibs and bars get chopped into bursts of percussion, accenting Wu’s stabs of keyboard as Venna’s saxophone flows around it all. If you want one track to tell you what the cutting edge of London sounds like, this is it.

Today ‘Just Know’ is getting the attention it’s always deserved in the form of a new video by Beej and Jeremy Cole. Premiering on Notion, it’s a masterclass in experimental animation, using a spinning record as the basis of a visual that turns into a kaleidoscopic journey through Beej and Cole’s imagining of the song. There are floating seeds, clapping hands, spiralling tree roots and more. With its abstract forms and slowly shifting sprials of repetition, it’s the perfect visual accompaniment to ‘Just Know’s scattered take on grime and jazz. Watch/listen to ‘Just Know’ below.

Tree is out now.

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