Tayá and Lotto Boyzz join forces in the video for Skin

Taya and Lotto Boyzz drop a romantic new video for Skin. Watch the premiere exclusively on Notion.

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It’s still Valentine’s week for a few more days and the love songs are coming in thick and fast. The latest offering is ‘Skin’, a new collaboration from Tayá and Lotto Boyzz. A swirling, R&B number it’s an ode to a new relationship and the ‘honeymoon’ phase that follows. Infused with a distinctly UK sound, chopped and pitched vocals chirp under Tayá’s soaring hooks, Lotto Boyzz jumping in for that all-important third verse feature. The video, premiering today on Notion features Tayá laying in a bathtub of confetti, joining Lotto Boyzz for their verse in a rainbow bodysuit. It’s full of nostalgia and romance, the perfect way to end a love-filled week.

Speaking about ‘Skin’ Tayá said: “The song is all about when you’re in a new relationship and want the other person to take it to the next level…’Skin’ was one of the quickest songs I’ve ever written, I guess because when I wrote it with Anita (Blay) and Alan (Sampson) I must have been in that new relationship mind-space… Once the song was done and I listened to it for a while I felt like it could do with adding the male perspective so reached out to the Lotto Boyzz to jump on- love what they added and now I can’t imagine it without them on it! Shooting the video was so much fun even though I spent half of the day sitting in a bathtub full of confetti. I love the creative process to shooting a video [sic], it takes as much thought about each detail as you spend working on the record.”

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