Tertia May is making thoroughly modern soul

Gently experimental and in command of an unbelievable voice, Tertia May is stringing together classic soul, hip hop and electronic music with real flair.

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There’s very little better than a summer evening spent lounging around with the windows open and blissed out R&B playing in the background. Tertia May makes the full-bodied soundtrack.

What are you doing this summer?
Probably going to go to a few festivals and possibly playing a couple if I can. Trying to book a holiday with my mum and also get myself back to Ibiza because last year I didn’t spend enough time there!

Tell us about your favourite summer memory.
My favourite summer was probably in 2014. I was with all my family and family friends down in Cornwall on holiday. We were all sat on the beach with a fire, drinking Scrumpy Jack and I remember feeling pure happiness and love.

Where would your perfect summer holiday be?
I’ve never been before but the Caribbean. Sitting on the sand with a coconut and some friends, sounds like a dream!

How does summer influence the music you make?
I think because of the weather in the summertime, it being hot and sunny, my music seems to be a lot more upbeat and happy. Even if it’s a love song or about heartbreak, if it’s sunny outside, it just will never sound sad!

Which songs or artists are you going to be obsessed with this summer?
Already got Alex Mali on repeat and Mahalia. I think those two are my favourite artists at the moment.

What’s your Carnival anthem?
Any Disclosure tune from their album Settle. Every single song on that album is an absolute banger!

Where’s the best place to catch the sunset?
Down in Cornwall. Watch it from a cliff or the sea. It’s magical.

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