The Age of L.U.N.A kill it in the club Freddie video

The Age of L.U.N.A bring back the golden age with 'Freddie'

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The Age of L.U.N.A have been keeping British hip hop sounding fresh since day. As the rest of the world has obsessed over grime and road rap, the London foursome have been perfecting their own brand of boom bap, updating its classic 90s sounds and vibes for 2016. Unlike some of their peers who have wandered into the dusty, experimental realms of rap, L.U.N.A have been focusing on bringing some groove back to hip hop, ignoring trap snares and garage beats in favour of RnB-laced hooks and dexterous lyricism.

‘Freddie’ is their latest cut and its a perfect example of what the group to do best – party ready yet soulful UK rap. The club-based video is fitting following the group’s summer in Ibiza with hip hop night Applebum, giving listeners a taste of the incredibly vibesy L.U.N.A live experience. A simple trumpet loop carries the track forwards with each member taking turns on the mic, delivering the kind of lyrical flows that have been sorely missing from modern hip hop

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