The Age of L.U.N.A fill us in on Fela Kuti, Pharrell and their biggest inspirations

The Age of LUNA are at the centre of the British rap renaissance right now - they break down their biggest influences in their exclusive Notion Mood Board.

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The Age of L.U.N.A are one of the freshest forces in British rap music right now. Bringing an old-school approach to the game, the four-piece fuse classic boom bap with the contemporary sound of London, winning over crowds wherever they go. Back in October, we premiered the group’s latest music video for the club-killing ‘Freddie’ and now, as they gear up for new music and a summer of festival performances, we got the group’s main man Kyote Noir to break down some of his biggest influences and inspirations in an exclusive Mood Board.

Samurai Champloo

“Growing up I never really got into any other anime besides Dragon Ball Z and Afro Samurai. All my friends and my cousins will be talking about Anime this and that, and I’ll just be eaves dropping thinking to myself shut the fuck up you NERDS (baring in mind I’m like the biggest nerd of them all). Anyway, one day in like 2011 I asked my mate Kodee Nabil what I should watch when I get in, and he says ‘do you watch Anime? Watch Samurai Champloo.’ The opening scene, I hear this music that sounds like the music I wanna make and the character Mugen reminded me so much of myself. It was also philosophical; straight away I was a fan. Now I’m currently waiting for season 2 of One Punch and Attack on Titan; I can’t get into Naruto, that’s long. I don’t know if Boondocks is an anime, but that shit is amazing too. Ha.”


“This album has some of my favourite songs on it. ‘Maybe’ is just amazing. I love the way these guys have like HARDCORE drums and then beautiful chords. What I like the most is their breakdowns, I love how beautiful they’ll be sounding at times when the whole song has been hard hitting. Beautiful. I’m a huge fan of N*E*R*D, The Neptunes and Pharrell, anything and everything they do I’ll always be a fan of because they honestly made me feel comfortable being different.”


“Changed my world for sure. Still my inspiration to this day. “Cooler than a polar bears toenails, oh hell ,there he goes again talking that shit” – amazing. Changed hip hop for the better these two!”

Ice Cream Sk8 Team 

“This reminds me of my childhood days. Back when I was obsessed with skating but couldn’t afford a skateboard I use to watch this, and then eventually I became more obsessed with the clothing I saw them wearing and the instrumentals I heard in there. Still inspiring. I love being a big kid so I always go back to this and a few other things to remind myself what made me happy growing up.”

Fela Kuti 

“This is my hero of all heroes. I’m half Nigerian and my dad put me on EARLY. This man is powerful, his music powerful, every time I listen to his music I get overwhelmed with pride, his music is that powerful.”

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