The Code takes future R&B to its logical conclusion in video for new EP Paramount

The Code takes us to the uncanny valley in the visual accompaniment to new mixtape Paramount.

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There have been plenty of R&B artists experimenting with the genre’s tropes in hopes of developing a new sound over the years, but none have taken it as far as Londoner The Code. On his new mixtape Paramount, out today, he fuses the slinky rhythms and tender vocals of the genre with sparse electronica and sci-fi sensibilities yielding utterly unique results. Ahead of today’s release, we’d already been treated to the Cassie featuring ‘Muse’ which was backed by none other than Diddy himself, and now The Code has shared not just the mixtape, but an accompanying visual for the entire project as well.

Premiering this morning on Notion, the visual aspect of Paramount is an animated journey through The Code’s invented world. The uncanny 3D visuals start in a white-walled art gallery before taking the viewer through a blank canvas and into a lab where a scientist is busy constructing a robot. Snippets of icy R&B play throughout, as a short car journey through a tunnel leads us back to the real world and two figures standing on a beach. A burst of electricity and everything is animated again, the mixtape reaching it’s dramatic conclusion as the final track  soars and sputters over the top. It’s an intriguing visual accompaniment to an equally intriguing take on British R&B.

Speaking about the new visual, The Code said “My first project was called 1:11 which at the time was the first 11 tracks I ever made. And then the second project was more of a concept project called Blue Electronica, which was about my take on electronic and specifically how I would do it. Then this is my third pinnacle trilogy of that kind of music. The visuals are trying to capture the gallery so essentially I kind of look at it as an art piece. So that’s the first part and that kind of goes into the scene with the cars going through this tunnel space and then driving through this futuristic city that is being built up as he’s driving through it. And then there’s the two robots that are in the car that, one symbolising 1:11 and one Blue Electronica going into the water and go into smoke and kind of goes back into the beginning into the gallery. So it’s just a journey of music and symbolising a form of people but not robots.”

Watch the video for Paramount below.

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