The Moonlight OST is getting a vinyl release

Nicholas Britell's chopped and screwed Moonlight score will get a physical release later this year.

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The soundtrack to Barry Jenkins’ tender masterpiece Moonlight will get an official release later this year. The album will consist of Nicholas Britell’s original score for the film which includes original compositions as well as music by Mozart, Goodie Mob and Barbara Lewis, all chopped and screwed in true Southern style.

Speaking about the soundtrack, the film’s director Barry Jenkins said: “Nick’s compositions pulse and rumble, creating a feeling in one’s chest that reminds me of the trunk-rattling music of home. When I listen to this music, I picture a ‘74 Impala on 28 inch rims drifting down MLK Boulevard… blasting Bach, chopped and screwed.” The Moonlight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released on Ivada Records on June 23rd and will be available on both vinyl and CD.

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