The Vamps are back! They reveal more about new single All Night alongside exclusive photoshoot

They say the track in question will definitely keep you up all night

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Our previous NOTION 71 cover stars The Vamps are back with their new single ‘All Night’! Made up of Brad, James, Tristan and Connor, the guys have spent the past year touring the world with well-loved tracks such as ‘Can We Dance’, ‘Last Night’ and ‘Wild Heart’.

We caught up with the guys before their exclusive Notion shoot and had a chat about their brand new single. Needless to say the interview was a blast with great banter and all were very excited to talk about their new single, announced today. It was only until after the interview I realised Brad had named the interview voice note on my phone to ‘Best Interview I’ve Ever Had’… it’s up there Brad it really is.

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NOTION: What can you tell me about your new single?

JAMES: It’s called ‘All Night’. We’re not trying to make a dance album, but it’s a bit more dance-y than anything we’ve done before; it’s quite atmospheric. We’ve tried to blend in a dance drop with a singer- songwriter verses, so it’s much more like a blend of genre.

It’s about the nostalgia of spending time with a girl and you’re up and you can’t sleep and you wish that you were with her.

BRAD: In the verses especially it goes more in depth in terms of speaking about someone who had essentially pulled you back from a bit of a rubbish place. You get all of that depth in the verse which is nice. Then the chorus is this big sing-along; it almost sounds like these kids singing. Hopefully people like it.

What do you enjoy most about releasing new music?

BRAD: I think the most exciting thing is people don’t see us for like 6 months, we’ll disappear and people will be like ‘oh what are The Vamps doing?’ But for us, we never really stop. We haven’t stopped in about four years because we write an album then we’ll release it then we’ll tour and whilst we’re touring we’ll be writing a new one. Having spent all this time and put all this hard work, heart, soul and effort into these songs and then being given the opportunity to release them is really cool because it captures a period of time. We’ll look back on the first album and second album and it’s really nostalgic and you can hear it in the songs too, because you know, all we listen to is ourselves (laughs).

Have you made a video for ‘All Night’ yet?

BRAD: Not yet, in the next couple of weeks. I think we’ve got a rough idea of what the video is going to be like. We want the video to compliment and represent the track really well and all feel like one cohesive body of work.

NOTION: What do you miss most when on tour?

TRISTAN: Family and pets; I have a lizard and a tortoise.

BRAD: Connor has a farm (laughs).

CONNOR: The horse is gone now.

What’s your favourite venue that you’ve played at?

JAMES: Maybe the O2 arena.

CONNOR: We’ve played that the most so we love playing there.

Is there a dream venue that you’d like to play at?

CONNOR: Madison Square Garden.

BRAD: There was a venue we played at in America which was called The Rave and it was like two venues in one, but it was really haunted.

CONNOR: Yeah like someone died in there, that was the story.

JAMES: It was weird.

What song do you enjoy performing most?

JAMES: I think the new single is going to be a favourite, but it’s always good to play the older songs like ‘Can We Dance’ is still a good one to play for us. I guess any song that the crowd jumps to is good fun.

BRAD: The balance is always nice too it’s a nice dynamic in our sets.

What’s the craziest or nicest thing your fans have done for you?

BRAD: They travel!

JAMES: When we toured America, a group of girls did the whole tour with us which was pretty crazy, it was pretty cool though.

BRAD: A couple have had tattoos of lyrics and have had us write them down. I just feel sorry for them – it’s like having a pigeon scrawl across your body with our handwriting (laughs).

What is it like being with each other all the time?

BRAD: Terrible (sarcastically).

CONNOR: Considering the amount of time we do spend together we get on really well. You do hear stories of bands getting together and only staying with each other for a brief period of time, but bands like McFly who have been together for like ten years is an inspiration for us.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

JAMES: For me it’s The Chainsmokers which is pretty random, but I really like them.

BRAD: Zak Abel and Jamie Woon are great.

CONNOR: Bring Me The Horizon, they’re a favourite of mine.

We’re excited to hear their new single ‘All Night’ is released on Friday. Hear it first by following The Vamps on Twitter and Instagram – also check out the competition over on NOTION’s Instagram to be in with a chance of winning a signed magazine by The Vamps!

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