Things go very, very wrong in the stunningly animated video for Fassine’s Gold

Fassine head deep into the mountains in the unsettling new video for their latest single, Gold.

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Fassine made a name for themselves last year with their icy, cinematic take on British electronic music’s history. Their debut album Dialectik scooped up praise from the blogosphere when it landed last May, announcing the band as a contender to the kind of grand, soundtrack-worthy electronic music pioneered by the likes of Trent Reznor and Vangelis. The London-based trio’s sounds also incorporates the heavier more rock driven influences of the former as well with driving guitar riffs emerging from the synthetic haze of their new single ‘Gold.’

The latest single from their upcoming second album Gourami,’Gold’ twists and turns as it unfolds, switching from haunting isolated vocals to dense layers of synthetic and live instrumentation. The video for the track is just as dramatic. Animated by James Gilleard, it shows the group, or at least a version of them, retreat to a mountain-top mansion where they’re joined by friends for some time off the grid, or so it seems. Things soon take a sinister turn, and the real reason for the group’s getaway becomes apparent. The video is just as cinematic as the track itself, so we won;t give away any spoilers. Watch it below and see the photo shoot that inspired the video after the jump as well.

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