Tired of surge pricing and impatient taxis? Blacklane offers a straight-forward journey from A to B

With a certain driver app in hot water, alternate taxi services like Blacklane have never looked better.

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We’ve all been there. You drop that pin and order your Uber only to find out that there’s a tube strike or for some reason everyone’s decided to go out on Wednesday night and you’ve got to pay extra for your ride home. Well, with Blacklane, surge pricing is a thing of the past. No matter if it’s a Monday afternoon or a Friday night you’ll pay the same rate for your journey.

Founded in Berlin, a city that knows how to run its nightlife, Blacklane has flipped the script on the standard gig economy taxi apps. Employing local chauffeur companies, Blacklane lets professional drivers use their free time to take on fares from the app, so you know not only is your driver making a living, but their conversation will be top notch too.

That’s no more “it’s after midnight, so that’ll be double fare” black cabs or lost drivers, Blacklane cabs even come with a 15 minute wait time included the price. So if your last drink turns into two or you’re just the kind of person that’s always running ten minutes late, you don’t have to worry about your lift disappearing into the night.

Find out more at Blacklane.com and get app the Android or iOS