TOKiMONSTA teams up with MNDR for the swaggering We Love

TOKiMONSTA takes her sound in a fresh direction with the MNDR featuring We Love.

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TOKiMONSTA is one of the LA beats scene’s most-loved breakout stars. Balancing pop sensibility with the scene’s notorious hunger for experimentation she’s crafted a unique sound in the seven years since her debut album landed on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. Set to release her third album Lune Rouge later this year, the last couple of years have been particularly dramatic for Lee, having been diagnosed with a rare neurovascular disease and undergone two major brain surgeries during the course of finishing the project. As you might expect being so directly confronted by her mortality prompted Lee to re-examine her approach to music, taking her sound in a more dramatic, more darkly-tinged direction.

Simultaneously, however, Lee has embraced her early flirtations with pop and Lune Rogue is set to be her most ‘pop’ album to date. If you’ve ever wanted to hear what an LA beats take on pop sounds like you should start getting excited. The first taste of the project was the Yuna featuring ‘Don’t Call Me’, a seriously brooding track that saw her embraced that previously mentioned darkness in a captivating way. Now Lee has come through with her second track from Lune Rouge, the MNDR featuring ‘We Love.’ Premiering today on Notion, it’s less dark than ‘Don’t Call Me’, swapping that brooding atmosphere for infectious grooves and a pop swagger. Thanks both to MNDR’s distinctive vocals and TOKiMONSTA’s electro-funk beat it’s one of the catchiest tracks of her career to date, incorporating samples, aquatic synths and a serious hook. Listen below.

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