Tom Adams shares his influences ahead of new EP

There’s everything from Scotland to Skateboarding in this week’s mood board

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Tom Adams is one of a growing number of neo-classical inspired artists crossing over into pop territory. First Nils Frahm bought us the heart-wrenching ‘Says’, then Max Richter made headlines with his eight-hour performance of ‘Sleep,’ in which he laid out beds for the audience, encouraging them to sleep through the performance. Now Tom Adams is set to gift the world with his electronic, ambient inspired tracks once more on new EP ‘Voyages By Night.’ We got the Berlin-based composer, producer and songwriter to let us in on some of the secrets of his inspiration ahead of the EP’s release. The results are just as varied as you might expect from man who’s supported both Perfume Genius on tour and spends his free time composing film scores.

One of my favourite skateboarders out there at the moment, he has the biggest pop in the game and does everything with such effortless style. His video parts are always a joy to watch, the man can create art on a skateboard! His 2013 Thrasher cover is possibly one of my favourite skate photos of all time. I go skating everyday it’s dry, its a great break from being in the studio! I love how being a skater means you start to see the architecture around you completely differently. Something that has no obvious value architecturally to most people can be a great skate spot that skaters travel from all over to come and use.

This video blew my mind when I first saw it. Post Rock was to me what Punk was to teenagers in the 70s, and Sigur Ros were definitely riding on the crest of my Post Rock wave. One of the best things about the genre is the (long anticipated) epic moments, and what could be more epic than flying off an Icelandic sea cliff accompanied by a crescendo of electric guitars? I have a painting of this on the wall of my studio.

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